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still stuck in Bucks

September 7, 2018

After my earlier missive, August proved to be a complete washout for the ailing property market so I’m ‘still stuck in Bucks.’0EC7EF38-E39B-4BC4-BCA9-671FDF1E5546.jpeg

Not exactly inactive, since I’m juggling the demands of the business with the less exciting remit of selling my house.

I was told selling a house featured high on the list of stressors and now I realise why.  Keeping on top of the house so it’s fit for viewings at the drop of a hat, decluttering, decorating to enhance the appearance, liaising with estate agents, keeping an eye on the market and vacating my property for viewings. It’s a cocktail of industry but as yet, there’s not been a positive outcome.

I’ve rejected two derisory offers.  Supposedly a buyer’s market but this seller has to agree to a sale and I’m not desperate to move so potential purchasers on the make can move on.  Nothing to see here!

However, I have seen the perfect house for my requirements, professionally and personally in Berkshire and have put an offer in to demark my interest.  I can follow through, as and when I get a sensible offer and then the ball will start rolling.

In the meantime, life moves on apace.  I’m relishing working with my long-standing clients and new clients, acutely conscious it may only be for a matter of weeks before I’m setting up a new business essentially.  I’ll miss my Buckinghamshire clients although I’m very ready to move on now.

There are elements of life in Buckinghamshire I won’t let go of.  The monthly healing group I’m a member of, the links I have with Chesham Rugby Club (Stags)


I’m a ‘deer friend‘ one of their company sponsors) and also Wycombe Homeless Connection who I started volunteering with earlier this year.  A contact that came about through one of my valued clients who has been working with them for a few years.


On that note, if you’d like to help me raise money for Wycombe Homeless Connection, please consider sponsoring me for an event I’m taking part in this November at Adams Park, Wycombe Wanderers ground  I’d really love to smash my target!

Have a great weekend one and all