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News from the James front (August 2018)

February 6, 2008

Right, first off, an announcement and it’s not one you’re necessarily going to like.  I’m moving!  Cue the hankies.

Certainly, Clients who are already in the loop are not exactly enamoured at the prospect but don’t panic, it’s not going to be for a few weeks and when I get chance, she says eyeing up the list-of-lists, I’ll get a list together of local practitioners who you can consult instead.  Male and female, from varying disciplines and locations.  Ask me directly and I’ll recommend individual therapists off the list for you since I know you, your requirements and the likely rapport.


The reason for relocating?  I’ll cut to the chase, I’m a very eager Would-Be Gran (no pressure fam).  I’ve been waiting for this for ages since my opportunity to have a third coveted baby didn’t materialise due to the travails of life.  I’m pinning all my hopes on my two adorable kids to provide the goods, all being well.  Nothing is guaranteed in life but WB Gran is moving in, just in case.  There’s another WB Gran to compete with too … compete is the wrong word I know but logic dictates I set up camp and we sporty types do like a bit of healthy competition.

My son Arthur who’s 25, was married in May this year after 6 years with his lovely partner Amy, now wife; I’m a Mother-in-law, whay hay! and they live in the Thatcham area.  No prizes for guessing where I’m relocating to.

My house is on the market.  Once I get an offer worth considering, I can in turn place an offer and start the ball rolling.  I’ve been househunting in Berks but vendors naturally won’t consider offers until you’re in the game yourself.

This house has served me/us well after 25 years but it’s time to move on and, huge excitement, part of my shopping list is to have my own dedicated treatment room.  Given that I’ve been in business for 21+ years, it’s about time!!

More information as it becomes available but my webmaster Simon Folland and I will be updating the website accordingly so keep an eye out.  There’s also a new dedicated account for the business on both Twitter and Instagram @sportmatters3 and that’s your most immediate source for updates.

Enjoy the sunshine and get out there – #sportmatters🥊